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Hello son of the light, I as your master and I will be so delighted and happy to see you in person as well in a video.. Reasons that can be impossible now is I cannot go against the rules and regulations of the brother wood which states at the terms and conditions that was send to you number six Which you your self can do the reference.. you are to see the masters and the grand lord according to the rules governing the illuminati brother wood at your final initiation process ground where you will meet with grand masters all over world.. there are even some which might be in the same city or street with you but you are not aware until that particular day will prove you wrong.. More over even though we have to respect the rules and regulations don’t tell me you are skeptical about the whole show this one that you are demanding a video call.. listen brotherwood is for brave and smart people.. courage is not the absent of fear but is the ability to continue doing what you are doing.. Blake and Lampson purposed this same question in their time of process and I told them that  brotherwood is continue doing what you have been asked to do and today they enjoy the benefits of fraternity.. Hail Lucifer.. son of the light you have to be brave more than ever before,  just few days ago we had a meeting and I was saying good things about you to the grand lord because nobody that will come through me into the brotherwood that will not live to be a living testimony to other..

In conclusion what I will say is the if you are chicken hearted and not ready to do what you have been asked to do a refund will be made with what you paid before and you remain in the class of people without hopes and vision on earth.. we rule the world and we have control over all nations.. Do what you have been asked to do and stop complaining.. hail Lucifer.

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