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In accordance to the supreme leader of the elite. You are expected to agree to the following
1. Keep our relationship a secret
2. Pay your regular dues every year
3. Help other members in any way you can after you have been initiated 
4. Fight to keep the society in peace and order
5. Go through all the process of joining the elite
6. Obey our rules and regulations‎
7.You will keep the secrets of illuminati personal
8. You will be your Brother or Sister’s  keeper
9. You will be ready to to be loyal and commitment to the brotherhood 
10.) A year after your membership you must bring a minimum of five members into the illuminati.
11. You  will never undo this step you  have taken today
12. If you  fail to comply with the terms U  have taken it may cause your wealth fame and power to lost.
13. We don’t share human blood we instead do animal sacrifices  to the god of riches, Power and fame.
14. Help the poor or the needy in all ways you can.
If you agree to the above. You are advise to say a YES or NO so as to know if we can proceed. NOTE that we don’t insist on members to join us because we are out for mutual help not to kill or cheat.

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