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First of all, I would like to explain to you the differences between Illuminati members, Illuminati followers and Illuminati agents.

 *Illuminati Followers* The followers of the Illuminati are people who love the Illuminati and their culture.  They are as supporters of the fellowship.  Most of the time, you find them carrying the telisma to take pictures of the Illuminati signs, supporting the effort and growth of the fraternity, but they do not belong to the Illuminati.  To become a follower, you offer nothing.  In addition, you gain nothing economic or spiritual beyond the messages and lessons.  A follower is far from the riches, riches, fame, and powers that the fellowship preaches and offers.

 *Illuminati members* The members of the Illuminati are souls of the brotherhood, sons and daughter of the light.  They are free thinkers, money makers, and spiritual combatants.  To become a member, you must be initiated, accepted and registered in the Illuminati Success Book.  Illuminati members achieve benefits such as wealth, wealth (millionaire within three days if required), fame, powers and protection against all kinds of diseases.  Unlike the followers.  All members are governed by the seller’s oath of light and are identified with *start code, registration code and membership card*
 *Illuminati Agents* Illuminati agents are firm members of the Illuminati brotherhood.  They are long-term service members, usually 10 years above faithful service.  And they are in charge of the initiation process and are bringing new souls into the society of the Illuminati Brotherhood.
 My name is Lord Gregg Wilson initiation master at the Illuminati Temple in the USA.  UU., Los Angeles, California. I am 61 years old and have served the fellowship faithfully for 27 years today.

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