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1) All members must got a job or look for a job to avoid people to doubt your riches and Investments.

2)We cancel or dismiss members who misuse benefits giving to him.  We dismiss after we have given you the first warning then second time we dismiss you from our organization.

3) Invest 50% of your welcome benefit to business or whatever things that will give you money .

4) After initiation, we will link you with other top members in any country to enjoy the friendship and relationship of being an illuminati members like Businessmen, Politicians, Musicians and other top rankies to hold your hands higher. This is call FAME AND POWERS.
5) Don’t buy expensive things which don’t have use at that moment  to impress the people arround you. This is call waste of fund.
6) Every month each and every member will give an account on what he or she has spend his welcome benefit.

7) Each and every member is entitle to help the needy, Creat jobs for others.

8) Never Argue with your master like you will be penalized or recruitment process will be cancel. We dismiss 4 members who disobey the organization and was even shown on BBC AND CNN.One is from USA, he lied to us. The second member is from South Africa, he took his benefit and squandered it then come back and asked for another benefit so he was dismissed immediately since we have Members there who were putting an eyes on him. The third member was from Germany but origin from Iran who stole $50,000USD from the Temple so the oath he took before joining bring him back with the money without touching a single dollar and the last member was from India, he was out there scamming new members online in the name of the  organization but he was caught of fraudulent and deformation of our organization. He is presently in prison here in USA for Scam.

9) We help only those who shows their ability to help themselves  eg If the Organization council ask you to make a donation of  $200 and you came up with $100 then it’s ok than arguing why you suppose to make a donation.

10)Any money that any member is ask to sent is not coming to         us, it’s going to any orphanage, Countries which are experiencing war and also to countries which are having Earthquake.  This donation or money send to them are acting as a sacrifice to open your way to riches 

11) Respectful members will always enjoy more than the dishonest member in time of sick and Financial issues, they will be help by the organization.

12) Don’t Explain our activities to strangers like you will be penalized or banned from joining us.

13)  No Lodge will ever welcome you until you shows them a proof of Membership card or an Illuminati Masonic passport with the name the name of your master with signature. Address of your formal or Lodge you were initiated. 

14)  Anybody talking of initiation online are fake.  All initiation must be done from  where or country that you are invited. 

15) Registration to the Brotherhood is $150 to all members but we do free registration to all our new members but mostly strict on screening for example,  100 members apply but 20 are choosen.  If you are not choosen, you can apply to a different Lodge because your names are already in our booklet.

16) All members are responsible for any charges giving to them. No Master or member is responsible for another members charges. You can only help a member by your own decision not by the order or is not an Obligation that you must help because each and every members got a job and can raise what they are charging him for..

17) We are charity organization, we don’t need money from a member but any charges ask by the Master or Illuminati council, each and every member has the right to ask what and why he is charge  without an argument.

18) All members must come to OHIO (USA) for a final initiation to be a Full member to have an access to any Lodge in his or her country. We are also responsible for your Visa, invitation letter and Illuminati membership card after you have been choosen.

19)  The Benefits which you are collecting, part of it will be use by you to pay your flight from your country or town  to OHIO (USA) for a final initiation.

20) All welcome benefit are only collected when you  have been Choosen as a member.

21) We do only Animal sacrifices, anybody telling you of Human sacrifices, Naked Pictures and Blood Pacts are Scam Artists because those Naked pics are use for  Cyber bully and Billings  to collect money from you or it will be expose on the internet. Take special note for those of you doing dating online.But oaths are been taking to guide our secrets because Illuminati is a secret organization which have some spiritual secrets and Powers to overcome the impossible to be possible. This powers are use  today by top high rankies for example. Politicians, Presidents, Pastors, Musicians,Business people, Footballers,Students and  other types of Jobs . It mostly comes through magical books, Spiritual Perfumes,Magical Rings and Jewelries which have commanding powers to protect you from Witchcraft, Enemies, Accident,Poison, Brings back loves ones to you after divorce or Separation and also make you to be  Fame of which people always need you arround them.

22)  It doesn’t mean how long or how much money you donate or spend to the organization will add your Rank. What add Ranks in the Organization is your good job, Honesty, and Respect to other senior members.

23) Nobody choosen in the organization ever remain poor when he follows the rules and regulations of the organization. If you remain poor, then suspect the Fraternity which you join or want to join as a fake organization. 

24) We have the connections of top high ranky people in the world and  some of them are belonging to other lodges.

25) New members makes their contacts mostly in meetings, Parties, Funerals and also in the lodge with other top high rankies.

26) All members are equal but when it came to Rank, they are different. Am 33rd Degree and I have work with the Brotherhood for 10 years with respect, trust and Faith.

27) Every choosen members are entitle to collect their welcome benefit and If your welcome benefit is on pending or hold , it means that you have some charges to settle to the organization before collecting it and If  you don’t have the donation, it’s your right to plead to the organization, tell them the Day or Month that you will be ready to do your donation

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